Ride No Limits

Our transportation program is now in full-swing. This service is completely free to approved applicants. A dedicated route will be provided for transport to People First meetings, which are held on every fourth Thursday at AIDB. Applications are available at the UCPWA Center. Call 205-345-3031 for more information. Operation hours are:

  • Monday – Friday from 5 – 9 pm
  • Every other weekend 9 am – 6 pm

New Milestones Program

United Cerebral Palsy of West AL, Inc. is proud to announce its upcoming partnership with Alabama Department of Rehab Services to participate in the Milestones program. The Employment Program will enable UCP of West AL to assist people with a variety of disabilities in locating, obtaining and maintaining gainful employment in the community.

The beauty of the program is that it will allow people with disabilities an opportunity that they deserve; a chance to participate in real and meaningful life experiences while earning pay for their labor.

The program is funded by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), and it follows the state’s “MILESTONES” system. The referrals will come from ADRS. ADRS will also be the entity that determines if an individual qualifies for the employment program as outlined by federal regulations.

All interested persons should call the Tuscaloosa ADRS office at 205-554-1300 and ask to speak with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. The Counselor will assist in guiding the enrollment process. Stay tuned for more information in the fall newsletter or call the UCP office at 205-345-3031.