Day Habilitation

Community Day Habilitation

During our community day habilitation program, our staff assists adult members with intellectual and physical disabilities. Each member has their own activity plan in addition to intensive training specific to their plan.  Our staff trains members in socialization skills, self-direction, personal hygiene, financial management, community awareness, and recreational skills.

Community Experience

Community experience services support non-work related activities and opportunities for community participation. Involvement and relationships with the broader community are customized to meet the individual’s interests and goals. The intent of this service is to engage in non-paid activities that allow the person to either acquire new adaptive skills or support the person
in utilizing and maintaining existing adaptive skills in order to enable the person to become actively involved in their community and acquire/maintain valued social roles.


If you would like more information about our adult day habilitation program, please email or call Cody Ingram, UCPWA Chief Operating Officer, at 205-345-3031 or