Volunteer Opportunities

Areas of Volunteerism:


  • Fundraising – One of any nonprofits greatest needs is volunteers who are willing to help with fundraising.  From selling goods to encouraging friends to participate or donate, we have all sorts of opportunities for you to get involved with our fundraising efforts.  For more information on getting involved with fundraising, call the development coordinator at 205-345-3031.
  • Events – We hold many events throughout the year and each ranges in size.  A few examples of our events include: The West Alabama State Fair, a Masquerade Ball, Shrimp & Crawfish boil and several small events at the UCP Center.  For more information on how to become an event volunteer, call the development coordinator at 205-345-3031.
  • Programs – We have four opportunities for this area: adult day habilitation, LEAP (adults), PACE (children) and Camp HOPE.  For more information on volunteering in one of our programs, contact the program director at 205-345-3031.
  • Beautification – Whether it is planting flowers in the front flower bed, renovating our butterfly garden or simply re-arranging the lobby furniture, we are always looking for ways to make UCP visually appealing to visitors.  For more information on beautifying the UCP Center, contact the executive director 205-345-3031.
  • Office Assistance – We welcome any office assistance that is offered. Our volunteers answer the phone, work the front desk and do minor paperwork.  For more information on becoming an office assistant, please contact  the program director at 205-345-3031.
  • Park and Building Maintenance – Each year, we have volunteers wondering how they can help us keep our park (Tuscaloosa’s only fully-accessible park) in tip-top condition.  There are many ways in which you can volunteer: pressure washing – picnic tables, benches and playground equipment; removing debris; and replacing old or worn parts with new parts.  We also have maintenance opportunities inside the building as well.  For more information, please contact the executive director at 205-345-3031.

If you are interested in volunteering with Camp HOPE, please the program director at 205-345-3031.