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Home Respite Care Services

Home Respite Care Services IHR

In-Home Respite (IHR) offers essential support within the comfort of an individual's residence, providing temporary relief to unpaid primary caregivers. This service caters to the short-term care needs of dependent family members, ensuring their well-being while their primary caregivers take a break. It's important to note that this service isn't accessible to individuals residing in institutions, Supported Community Living Homes (SCLHs), or subsidized residences receiving waiver funds for full-time care.

We're Here During A Crisis

IHR is specifically designed for participants whose primary caregivers consistently provide care day in and day out. It operates during the usual hours when caregivers are actively involved in providing care. While IHR is typically arranged in advance, it remains available to support families during extreme emergencies, serving as crucial relief during crisis situations.

Temporary Reprieve

The primary objective of In-Home Respite is to offer caregivers temporary reprieve while maintaining a continuity of care for their loved ones. This service ensures that participants receive attentive care within their familiar surroundings, fostering a sense of comfort and security.

Need More Information

Should you require further details about our In-Home Respite Care Services or wish to discuss emergency arrangements, please reach out to Adrienne Bennet at 205-345-5083. We are committed to supporting caregivers and ensuring the well-being of individuals in need of temporary care.

Home Respite Care Services

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