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Small Group Employment


Participants have access to small group employment opportunities within our organization or through partnerships with local businesses. These roles are carefully matched to individual skills and interests, allowing participants to contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

Supportive Work Environment:

Our program ensures a supportive work environment where participants receive necessary accommodations and ongoing guidance. This approach fosters independence, confidence, and a sense of achievement in the workplace. The training emphasizes understanding typical development and adopting developmentally appropriate practices. Consequently, it positively influences the care provided to all children, irrespective of their abilities, and raises awareness for the early identification of children at risk for developmental delays.

Job Coaching and Support:

Trained professionals provide ongoing job coaching and support, assisting participants in their roles, troubleshooting challenges, and ensuring a positive and successful employment experience. At UCP of West Alabama, our day program is more than just a routine—it's a dynamic and supportive space that nurtures growth, encourages exploration, and celebrates the diverse abilities of each individual. We are committed to empowering our participants to lead fulfilling lives and become integral parts of their communities.

For more information about our day program:

Please contact Heather Jones at 205-345-5083. We welcome individuals looking for a nurturing and inclusive environment where they can thrive and reach their fullest potential

Small Group Employment

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